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Get Moving: The Benefits of Youth Sports

By Craig Hall, For the News Tribune 10/16/2019, 1:15pm CDT

Youth sports are a significant part of the lives of many families in our community. It is easy to focus on the tangible results from these sports — goals scored, baskets made, games won

What to Know About Kids and Nutrition

By Molly Hurford, Outside 10/15/2019, 8:00pm CDT

Nutrition knowledge is as critical to a young athletes mental health as it is to their physical growth.

5 Suggestions for Staying Fit as a Family

By Janis Meredith, USA Football 10/14/2019, 7:45pm CDT

Contrary to what today’s fitness crazed world, exercise does not always equal competition. Your kids can learn the fun of fitness when you think outside the box of youth sports!

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